Friday, 25 January 2013

10 Blog Posts I Liked This Month

I've noticed several bloggers often post a list of posts or sites that they like on a weekly or monthly basis etc.
At first I thought this was just lazy blogging to be honest, but then it occured to me, that some of these are themed, or just have a certain "flavour", so reading one that fits with your out look can actually be immensely helpful, (and all too often very time consuming!). So, I decided to do the occasional one myself as well.
This one isn't themed as such, (future ones will be), it's just posts I happened to have recently read and liked.
Here's my first short list:
TeacHer Finance
Posts are often irreverent, like this one, but frequently makes perfect sense:

Len Penzo
Another irreverent blogger, with some excellent advice and a unique take on most things:

The Savvy Scot
Writes about all manner of topics and is a keen extreme sports fan:

Freedom35 Blog
A keen investor, (and not just in shares), posts are often off beat and funny, I refer you to the police chase pic in this one:

Modest Money
Another Canadian finance blogger, who makes a lot of sense. His posts are also often quite long and in depth which I like.

Work Save Live
Written by a bloke who still works as a financial adviser. Always good, solid advice in these posts.

Gen Y Finance Journey
A much younger persons view on money and where they want to be in their future. A suprisingly mature blog:

Frugal Rules
An extremely active blog covering all things finance and much more besides, with some personal tales of dealing with self employment, starting your own business, and the like:

Money Bulldog
A UK personal finance blog. There aren't so many UK one's around, it's nice to get some points of view closer to home. Very often finds a slightly different slant to things than our cousins across the pond:

Next week/month (I haven't decided), I'll be doing a themed one. Anyone got a theme they might like me to cover??


  1. Thanks a lot for the link love :)

    1. Anytime, I enjoy reading your posts

  2. Thanks much for the mention! I wish I were just being lazy with round up posts :), you are right though...they are very time consuming.

    I like doing them because I know that I don't know everything and like to give my readers some other insightful posts to read. As you might notice, it's also a great way to network with other bloggers.

    Thanks so much for the mention I do appreciate it!

    1. Actually, it's a job in itself keeping up with your blog these days John, since there's a new post put up practically every 5 minutes...

    2. Lol! Normally, just one a day...sometimes two. It does keep me busy!

  3. Your's and Money Bulldog are the more interesting ones I read from the UK. I haven't done a list of themed posts either. I just share recent articles that I found jolly interesting, and I normally do them once every 2 weeks. Thanks for the mention :0)

  4. Looks like some good reading material. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the mention! I think it's interesting you used to view round ups as lazy posts, because I view them as much more challenging than just writing something. They require doing a ton of reading and diligent bookmarking. :)

    1. That's something I'm discovering


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