Monday, 14 January 2013

Save on that Gym Membership!

OK, I nearly gave in.
I've been working on my fitness at home recently, mainly because I've been unlucky enough to catch the damn norovirus. I've pretty much fought it off now, but it's parting gift has been a nice rash all over my body. The doctor tells me it will pass in about 4 weeks(!), so my usual trips to the swimming baths are totally out of the question.
Anyway, following that, over the weekend, I also managed to break my rowing machine >:(
As a result, I'd been edging ever closer to that gym membership, until I discovered: Youtube!

OK, so I knew where youtube was all along of course, but sometimes it's very easy to overlook the obvious. Youtube has been very useful to me over the last few days because it's chock full of loud, shouty, fitness types like this guy ^ who post workout videos you can do along with them.
Why this guy? Simply because he IS loud and shouty.
I haven't bought his product as I'm already aware of, and use his techniques, but his workouts are very intense and because of his personality, he drives you on while doing them. So, armed with laptop, I take over our kitchen every evening for about 20 minutes with my motivational and "personal" trainer!
Yes really. All you need is an internet connection and a little space.
The web is full of all the weight loss/dieting/exercising advice you could ever hope to need. Plus, there are workouts you can do on the spot, with no equipment whatsoever, (this is how I recently found out what a "burpee" is), and if you don't like this guy, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands more like him out there, so choose another person you like. Hell, choose someone sexy to look at while you workout ;) And with youtube's new "watch later" feature, you can save a number of different workout videos for other days.
Then again, when it comes to equipment, sometimes you can't beat something as simple as a couple of chairs. OK, they haven't replaced my rowing machine just yet, but they're certainly helping me exercise the same muscle groups just as hard, and again you tube come up trumps here. It's very easy to find videos that show exercise that require little or no additional equipment, or stuff you might already have around the house.
So, with my feet up on one chair, doing pressups, or using 2 chairs for dips, I'm still getting my exercise. Who knows, if it goes well, I may not replace the rowing machine at all...
Anyway, just to show how serious I am, I have taken a "before" photograph, and when I get the results I'm after, I'll come backand post an "after" photograph, wish me luck!!


  1. Darn, I have a love hate relationship with Youtube. I learn so much from it, but at the same time it's such a time waster if I'm not careful. I just watched 3 back to back videos of this bloke being all loud and shouty. Didn't even realize it's past midnight here. Thanks a lot! But I am motivated to exercise more now to look like him, so I guess that's good :0)

    1. Yes, that's the internet all over isn't it? Funny pictures of cats, hours spent browsing pinterest looking at cars, or fail videos on youtube - it's a wonder I ever get any work done in my day job!
      On the other hand though, doing this, I read many many other PF blogs and have picked up quite a bit of knowledge over the last 3 months. I think it's helping my resolve quite a bit, as I'm constantly thinking about getting free from the chains of debt that are holding me back. We're completely skint, but somehow I've still managed to pay off over £300 on my biggest credit card over 3 months including Christmas!

    2. I'm the exact same, so often I visit with good intentions and end up spending hours of my time looking at "suggested videos".

  2. I understand that people might not have the room for a full weight rack in their house but then who wants to be a meathead anyway. I'm with you on this, bodyweight exercises and lean muscle are definitely the way to go, not that I'm exactly ripped up at the moment.

    1. No, I'm not that ripped at the moment either, but the cold can help. With the freeze we're having in the UK at the moment, your body needs more calories, so you can either keep an eye on your portions, or turn the thermostat down a little, making your body burn more calories - works best if you're single...

  3. I tend to be the same way with Youtube, which is why I limit my time on it. However, if I could only apply that to other reading and surfing I could save some serious time.

  4. Is that the dude who talks about the afterburn?

    1. Yes, I've seen it elsewhere too on some body building boards.
      I'm not a body builder myself, (my build is more athletic TBH), but googled it and came across some forums that talked about it.


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